Crafting a career is a creative act. It might involve moving cities, trialling a range of gigs, applying your skills in unforeseen ways, partnering with other pros to start new things, and working both freelance and employment to find a mix just right for you. And this week’s leap taker Lani Pauli has taken her love of communication and community building and explored all those avenues. From working in traditional PR agency land in a new city to local community building for US startup app, to then leaping into her own business with allied professionals, Lani has joined the dots between ideas and opportunities. Read more…

Welcome to our first leap story for 2017! After a summer hiatus, we’re back to embrace all that this new year has to offer. And this year is perhaps especially inviting. According to numerology, 2017 is a ‘1’ year (2+0+1+7=10, 1+0=1), which means it’s a year of new beginnings and a great time to consider taking a leap! Read more…

Can you imagine the person you might be this time next year? Of what you will have learned, experienced and survived after another 365 days of being you? Because it’s not a matter of if  you’ll change, but rather, how. Change is not optional.

When Elizabeth Donaldson was a DFAT advisor living in Japan, I doubt she ever imagined herself becoming a champion of independent design, retail shop owner and co-working enabler in Adelaide. But after turning forty and waking up to the realisation that the career that looked good on paper was not longer holding her attention, it was time to follow hunches about her next career iteration and a take a leap. Read more…

Earlier this year I was lamenting with my husband that there needed to be an app to help Instagrammers plan out their visual feed ahead of time – where we could see all our potential posting images, and layout them out in order to design a great looking feed, and have a bank of images to call on.

Read more…

the-leap-stories -pony up cat harding mardi brown

What happens when two mid career marketers ‘unpack their confidence and self-belief from the suitcase of doom’, and ask themselves ‘what will I regret having not done when I’m on my deathbed?’ What happens when they join forces to do work that matters, that leverages their skills and contacts? What happens when they connect the dots to solve multiple problems in a global network? A beautiful leap is made, that’s what! Read more…

While we don’t always find ourselves in situations of our choosing, we always have a choice about how we deal with it. And that’s the very place that leaps are often born.

When graphic designer Emma Kate Codrington couldn’t get her working visa renewed, and she had to leave London and return to her hometown of Adelaide, she had a choice: try and replicate the corporate life she had created in England, or seize the opportunity to start afresh. The adventurer in her won out, and EmmaKateCo was bought to life. First as a petite design studio, then as a stationery company. It was returning to her roots that gave Emma Kate the opportunity to try something new. Read more…

Of Kin What's Strategy free webinar

What’s strategy? It’s a question that kinda stumped me for a while, thinking it was this big, unwieldy, highly complex and over analysed tome of data printed in some highly official and intimidating document.

But when I read the word’s ‘execution is the strategy’ everything turned around. In this webinar, Binny Langler and I demystify what makes a strategy, and uncover the five questions you need to answer to build a strategy for your business. Once you’ve answered these questions, your path forward and planning become simple.

Dive in to find out more.


Full time employee. To full time freelance designer. Back to full time employee with a side gig. Throw in several redundancies and a life threatening accident, and you’ve got several leaps in all sorts of directions. So is the story of Olga Grueva, founder of  family tree digital printing business, The Family Tree Co.

We’re big on family and kin around these parts. And many leap takers call on their family to help them make the jump. In Olga’s case, it was a 12 month bed-ridden recovery requiring the full care of her family that crystallised what was important, and inspired her to create customised, archival quality, bespoke, framed family tree prints to honour her loved ones. Read more…

Over the many stories I’ve recorded in this series, travel seems to be a common leaping ingredient – either as a way to escape the known and see life differently, or as way to tap into different tastes, textures and terrains.

Sarah Holloway and her partner Nik like to travel. And on those travels they experienced drinking matcha tea (ground organic green tea leaves) as part of a traditional tea ceremony in Japan. And then on the other side of the world, they saw it being used by healthfood outlets in Los Angeles. When they wanted to have it to use for themselves at home in Australia, the only they way they could purchase it was in bulk. So they took the plunge, made an order with the idea of selling off part of stock to like minds. Little did they anticipate how in solving their own problem, they created a new local market for an ancient superfood. And so Match Maiden was born as a side gig. Read more…

Have been neglecting your email list for a while now (perhaps ever since you started your business. Yeeouch!). No judgment here, we’ve come to your rescue. Or you need some fresh ideas to help you grow your established list?

Whatever the reason, this webinar will give you some inspiration and ideas to get your list happening, and to help you convert your followers to customers.

We’ll cover topics like:

– ways to grow your list
– technology you can use
– what to put in your emails
– the types of emails and when to send them
– subject lines and the words to use?
– email format and layout for readability
– rookie mistakes

Don’t be fooled by us, we’re not one-eye social media supporters. You will catch us constantly reminding you, our fine kin, to never forget about growing your email list.
You own your website, blog and email list. You rent space on social media. And the landlord sets the terms. So a golden rule for growing your business online, is always be converting your social media followers to email subscribers.

Once people are on your email list, you’ve built a tangible, valuable asset for your business that you own and control (best you don’t ignore it then!). You can then send them direct messages, without the interference of a landlord. So let’s hop to it then.

There are some basics you will need to build your list and communicate with those lucky enough to be on it. We’re going to start there.