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The 2017 Monthly Planning Calendar is here!

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This humble tool is one of the most powerful tools I use in my business, and that I use with clients. Because unless you can see your time laid out in front of you, you can’t make realistic plans, set achievable goals or get everyone aligned about what needs to be done, and by when.

I use this tool with my executive coaching clients to help them plan out and ideal week, and understand what’s achievable with their time. I use it with my content marketing clients to map out content plans, deadlines and publishing dates. I use it with my business clients to help them and their team see what needs to be done, and when by so they all get on the same page, literally. Read more…

When a trained psychiatrist walks away from her career and years of medical training to build the world’s largest online meditation campaign, you know you need to dig a little deeper into exactly what meditation and mindfulness can do for our 21st-century brains.  So with May just around the corner, this week we talk with Elise Bialylew, founder of Mindful in May.

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Fired Up. Ready To Go. Barack Obama

Don’t ever doubt that your voice matters, or of it’s power to create change. Five words shouted by a woman across a room became a slogan that was the making of a president. Watch and learn.
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Rising Strong Workshop Brene Brown Melbourne Kylie Lewis

Have you ever been taught how to handle your hard emotions? Or how to have a difficult conversation? How proficient are you in naming your feelings when you’re upset?  How long does it take you to bounce back after setbacks? Do you feel like you know how to gracefully manage anger, navigate disappointment, soothe hurt, feel grief or overcome shame?

Most of us have been raised to not be curious about our emotions or not to understand them. Mostly we were taught to discharge them as quickly as possible, especially the hard ones. To push them down, suck it up and get on with it.
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What will you tell your daughters about 2016 TED

Sometimes you come across words that reach inside, squeeze your senses and leave an unforgettable imprint.

Chinaka Hodge is a writer and educator, and presented this spoken word piece at TEDWomen in October 2016. Since I first heard it many months ago, I’ve thought about it so often, that I wanted to share it with you and preserve it here too. I hope you find your call to courage in it, as I did. And please know that here, you are always in the company of courage. x
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Emma Murray The Leap Stories

It took Tasmanian-born Emma Murry ten years to get past negative feedback and finally become a photographer.  While at uni, a dream-crushing arts lecturer dissuaded Emma from changing courses from law to photography, so she sidetracked into commerce, moved to Melbourne and became a marketer.

But after years in marketing communications, Emma’s heart just wasn’t in it. At 30, she found a photography lecturer who supported her, sold everything, applied for Austudy and enrolled in a full-time photography course.
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Hadassah Jordan The Leap Stories

What about when you want to take a leap within the realm of what you do now, but stretch yourself further? To take what you already know, and apply it in a new way? To push into another industry, category or region?

With a long family lineage in clothing manufacturing and retailing, Hadassah Jordan hit forty and wanted to create a retail experience that felt like she felt on the inside. As a single mother, she wanted to support makers of kids clothing that were ethically produced, minimally branded and weren’t laden with gendered messages. That lead her to collaborate with international brands and open Frankie’s Story, her second store at South Melbourne Market. With a markedly higher price point than her family’s original store and a brave, bold aesthetic for under 10’s, it was a gamble in a notoriously fickle retail category.
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Love After Love Poem by Derek Walcott

Today I had a smart, capable, big-hearted client who said to me ‘I have grief about how long I did the thing that wasn’t right for me.’ It’s crushed her and she’s now picking herself up and forging a new path with bravery, self-compassion and curiosity… inspite of still feeling fearful and uncertain. She is choosing courage. This poem to me is the essence of taking a leap. This is for her.
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The Leap Stories - Madeleine Dore

I remember feeling confused the first time I read artist and designer James Victore’s words ‘freedom is something you take‘. I thought I am privileged to live in a first world democracy, of course, I’m free. My freedom was given to me at birth. I didn’t need to ‘take it’.  And yet in many ways, as a grown woman I didn’t feel free. I felt trapped by expectation, obligation, comparison, norms, shoulds and fear.

It took me a while to realise that indeed, my freedom is highly personal, and a result of my mindset, worldview and choices. Even when our basic human rights are met, we are not free if we don’t see ourselves as such. Permission to change, try and grow is something we grant ourselves.

In a parallel universe, you’ll read that this week’s leap taker Madeleine Dore was having a similar epiphany inspired by filmmaker and writer Miranda July. While Madeleine was working in her dream job, the side gig she had started was beckoning her to go deeper. So she claimed her freedom to explore it full-time. Not only did her Extraordinary Routines blog blossom, as did her corporate freelance writing. So much so, that she had to remind herself again that she could to claim her freedom to say no, in order to continue to exploring own creative work.
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When I first meet New Zealand born and raised Anna Ross, founder of cosmetic and skincare brand Kester Black, I was convinced that she would one day take over the world. That was in 2014 when she was still working her administrative assistant job and Kester Black was still a side gig. Read more…

This week’s leap taker is creative maker, Ellie Beck, perhaps better known by her business name, Petalplum. Six years ago Ellie and her partner Sam took the leap to make a tree change from Brisbane to the hinterlands of Byron Bay. They sold their house, left their jobs and today are both running creative businesses, hand-building their house and raising three children. Read more…