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Creative Services & Social Media Coaching

Digital marketing strategy, content marketing, social media planning and execution are all things we love getting sorted for creative brands and businesses.

What the heck are blogs, hashtags, retweets, pins, selfies, check-ins, likes and circles? If you’re interested in understanding more about blogging and social media and how it can work for your business, let’s chat.

Whip your content marketing strategy into shape with a fun, creative and practical half day worksop. Get your content marketing plans organised and ready for execution.

  • Hello lovelies! Me and my content kin Belinda Lang are running our Social Media and Content Marketing Workshop in Melbourne on Thursday 3 April 2014. Maybe you or someone you know would like to come? This is creative and interactive workshop for businesses, exploring social media and content planning ideas and challenges. At the end […]

  • “The architecture of how we live our lives is badly in need of renovation and repair. What we really value is out of sync with how we live our lives. And the need is urgent for some new blueprints to reconcile the two.” Arianna Huffington I recently came across a fantastic post by Guy Kawasaki […]

  • I recently wrote about 2013 being my year of daring greatly. One of the massive highlights of the year was being embraced and backed by the incredible Clare Bowditch. Clare and I didn’t know each other until I found out about her Big Hearted Business project while I was working at kikki.K (kikki.K sponsored some […]

  • I have a pretty strong bent toward positive psychology and cultivating good mental health. I see happiness, joy, positivity, courage and confidence as things I can choose and cultivate in my life. I see them as deliberate thoughts and choices I make every day. It’s my version of faith and nurturing my spirituality. I also […]