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Creative Services & Social Media Coaching

Digital marketing strategy, content marketing, social media planning and execution are all things we love getting sorted for creative brands and businesses.

What the heck are blogs, hashtags, retweets, pins, selfies, check-ins, likes and circles? If you’re interested in understanding more about blogging and social media and how it can work for your business, let’s chat.

Whip your content marketing strategy into shape with a fun, creative and practical half day worksop. Get your content marketing plans organised and ready for execution.

  • Human beings are hard wired for connection. And never will you know that so much as when you start your own business, do creative work that requires periods of solitude, or become a new parent. All of these scenarios can bring on cravings for company and cake.  Thankfully, Tess McCabe’s working life is all about helping […]

  • Hello lovely kin, seems my WordPress site chucked a wobbly a yesterday (maybe it had a hangover from partying all night with Blogspot and SquareSpace?) and emailed you a draft version of Sam’s story instead of the one I pounded out while drinking cinnamon tea on Sunday morning! A tad embarrassing! Sorry about that. Here’s Sam’s wonderful […]

  • I’m a firm believer that what looks like a big leap from the outside, is a series of smaller leaps accumulating on the inside. I believe that all leaps start with increased self-awareness. I believe that leaping is an act of uncomfortable courage. And I believe in surrounding yourself with supportive kinfolk. So when Penny […]

Kin Stories
  • Kylie and Bin take the over-whelmingness of social media and the expectations that go with it, to a place where it could be broken down into simple, step by step concepts.

    - Claire Cau-Cecile, Founder Life Instyle & Interior Stylist

  • Today has inspired us, given us the tools to head into 2015 organised and energized.

    - Marissa Fleming, Director, One Fine Collective

  • I loved thinking about the ‘why’ – it was a great opportunity to dig deep to explore the reasons behind why we do what we do – and how that underpins what should/can share with our online community.

    - Tara Donnelly, Investor Communications Manager, The Hunger Project

  • The day was fantastic – helped me identify a direction for social media for our business. Can’t wait to get started!

    - Marija Privitelli, Marketing Officer, YMCA

  • Kylie & Bin know their stuff! I found #contentkin to get my scattered personal and business social media site on the road to an orderly, planned and sustainable part of my life.

    - Shelley Collins, Owner & Creative Director, The Galerie Fitzroy

  • Great workshop, always love to learn and improve. Social media and content marketing demystified! I’ve come away with a head full of ideas and action plan.

    - Jane Phillips, Owner, Jane Maria Phillips