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Personal, one-on-one coaching designed to build your courage muscles in the areas of: taking a leap, finding your purpose, business startups, planning, productivity, social media, wellness and self care.

Need to develop and implement a strategy to get your team better organised, on purpose, more focussed, skilled up and moving together in the right direction? Need a clear, practical, implementable plan for making your next move? We can do that with you.

We develop and deliver public and custom courses and workshops, specialising in content marketing, digital strategy, social media, planning, personal productivity, and wellness. Check out our ecourses: #ContentKin & The Time.

What the heck are blogs, hashtags, retweets, pins, selfies, check-ins, likes and circles? If you’re interested in understanding more about blogging and social media and how it can work for your business, let’s chat.

If you're looking for someone who actually enjoys public speaking, particularly to rooms full of curious, creative wholehearted types, about the topics of digital strategy, content marketing, social media (especially Instagram), productivity, planning and taking leaps, you're in luck.

Whip your content marketing strategy into shape with a fun, creative and practical half day worksop. Get your content marketing plans organised and ready for execution.

Kin Clients
  • Monash-Science student ambassadors
  • General-Assembly Melbourne
  • Of Kin for One Fine Collective
  • Of Kin for Rockpool
  • Of Kin for Evans and Partners
  • Of Kin for Grace Papers by Prue Gilbert
  • Of Kin for Endota Spa
  • Life Instyle Boutique Trade Fair
  • Kylie Lewis Of Kin for BigHeartedBusiness by Clare Bowditch
  • I’m always in awe of people who always knew what they wanted to do with their career from childhood, and then went out and actually did it. I came close. I did the degree to get me there, and then leapt in another direction. I parked that potential career because I wasn’t sure how I […]

  • Welcome to the second half of our leaping pair story. Last week we met Jane Fenn, founder of jewellery brand WhiteLightly. This week we’re talking to her other half, Lloyd Fenn, full time industrial designer and co-founder of urban farming brand, Glowpear. Lloyd’s story is interesting because his leap is currently a sideline gig, and one that […]

  • I’m really excited to feature a leaping pair over the next two weeks! Last December at a City of Port Phillip meeting for creative businesses Jane Fenn came up to me and said ‘Hi! Oh, you’re Kylie who writes The Leap Stories. I think we might qualify!’ And she was so right! Jane, founder of […]

Kin Stories
  • Kylie and Bin take the over-whelmingness of social media and the expectations that go with it, to a place where it could be broken down into simple, step by step concepts.

    - Claire Cau-Cecile, Founder Life Instyle & Interior Stylist

  • I loved thinking about the ‘why’ – it was a great opportunity to dig deep to explore the reasons behind why we do what we do – and how that underpins what should/can share with our online community.

    - Tara Donnelly, Investor Communications Manager, The Hunger Project

  • The day was fantastic – helped me identify a direction for social media for our business. Can’t wait to get started!

    - Marija Privitelli, Marketing Officer, YMCA

  • Kylie & Bin know their stuff! I found #contentkin to get my scattered personal and business social media site on the road to an orderly, planned and sustainable part of my life.

    - Shelley Collins, Owner & Creative Director, The Galerie Fitzroy

  • Great workshop, always love to learn and improve. Social media and content marketing demystified! I’ve come away with a head full of ideas and action plan.

    - Jane Phillips, Owner, Jane Maria Phillips

  • Such an inspiring course. So many great ideas from Kylie and Bin to plan your business goals, manage time and stay sane!! Love the expertise, passion and quality content presented. Thank you!


    Natalie Hayllar, National Account Manager, One Fine Baby

  • After just coming out of one of the biggest burnouts and lows I’ve ever experience, the timing of this course was too good to be true (it’s funny how the universe works). Kylie and Belinda excel at delivering savvy content that hits home and reminds you that at the heart of business there needs to be a happy and well rested entrepreneur. In one day they have given me tools to plan, create and set my business up so I don’t run myself into the ground again.


    Sara Dobson, Founder and Designer, Purdy in Bloom

  • The Time workshop was a magnificent combo of personal development and business planning & development. Who we are is such a critical part of what our business is and how we operate, so this workshop really helped me connect these.


    Emma Diffen, Peritus Communications

  • Today has inspired us, given us the tools to head into 2015 organised and energized.

    - Marissa Fleming, Director, One Fine Collective